Solutions in Quality and IT Project Management

At TS4U we review, re-design, develop, and implement quality management system or simply manage your projects. If you have regulated products, we can help you launch your products to the market. If you pursue certification we can also help you with that.

About Us

Have difficulties to:

  • Manage Quality Management System?
  • Gain Certification?
  • Overcome Inspections?
  • Manage Projects?
  • Build better Quality Culture?

Let's manage it together.
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Quality Management System (QMS)

We will help you regardless the company size. We mostly work with start-ups and smaller companies to connect and understand challenges faster, but we are willing to work also with challenges and complexity of big companies. Regardless the industry, we can build your whole or part of the QMS, review & re-design it, or if your QMS is already built strong, just refresh it. Our goal is to build robust QMS with pragmatic approach.
We can be in a QA/QM specialist’s role, to actively work on activities or just be in the role of a quality coach.


We know that path to the certain certifications can be painful. Give us your hand and we will guide you on the way to receive certification you pursue. Tell us your needs, and we will tell you how to do it.

Project Management

We will manage your IT or QMS projects. Regardless if you are developing, validating or implementing IT system , or need someone to care of implementing QMS with defined scope and timelines, we are the bright choice to manage your projects.

Trainings & On Inspection preparation

Are you expecting inspection audit anytime soon? We will train you to perform better at inspection. We will prepare training materials to suit your needs. Together we can build better quality culture and raise awareness.


Our experience covers IT, Pharmaceutical Industry (GxP) and Food Industry (HACCP). With knowledge and our access to experts we have expertise to cover various other industries as well.