Some say Consultingwe say Quality Coach

Individual approach

For us you are not only a number. For us, you represent individuum, which has its own story, but on the same time needs our help to succeed. Someone who is prepared to trust us, and we are prepared to listen to you and hear you – be your partner on your way to success.

Quick Response

We know, that your challenges are part of your bigger plan, which means a lot to you. Therefore, challenges that you face cannot wait, your goal should be achieved as soon as possible - and we are aware of that.

Quality Solutions

For each of our client we give our best with no exceptions. Our aim is to surpass ourselves in every activity we do, and to advance against perfection.
As already Aristotle said “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Our key three ingredients - individual approach, quick response and quality solutions - are homogenous and strongly intertwined.

Partnership, collaboration, mutual respect and learning through doing is our work philosophy. We are aware that Quality System is live and organic, and that Quality System is changing according to legislation and your company.
Your story is as important for us as it is for you.

So far, we gained experience in global pharmaceutical company, and we built Quality Management System from scratch in Food Processing Industry for Slaughterhouse and Food Processing plant.

We work with experts from many different fields and industries, thus providing a wide range of specific knowledge.

Core team:

Tomaž Sallubier
Experienced professional with experience in Management and Quality Systems. Expert on the fields of IT Project Management and IT Systems Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry (GxP environment). Tomaž is also the author of a scientific papers from the field of QMS and validation of IT systems.

Simon Novak
Designer and Architect of IT Projects. An indispensable team member when it comes to IT systems, IT systems security and infrastructure. Multi-year experience in programming, system administration, system operation, network infrastructure and other specific knowledge.

Maja Remškar
M.Sc. in Biochemistry in obtaining a doctoral title with international industry experience and research laboratories in the field of natural products from bacteria. Maja boasts with excellent knowledge of research laboratories and their functioning.

Aleš Sallubier
Excellent negotiator, organizer and implementer. Certified mediator. Years of experience in the field of Procurement, Sales and International Business.

Our Story

As a group of experienced professionals with specific knowledge, and with good connections to experts from various fields in industry, we decided to establish a company with a purpose to help start-ups and smaller companies to the market with their products and to support companies with Project Management, Coaching and Trainings at their daily activities. To help start-ups and small companies to grow and bigger companies to be better.


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